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Mom got her spa-inspired en suite. Dad got his man cave. Now it’s time for a magical playroom for the kids. Here are some ideas for working with what you’ve got.



Ideas for a kid-friendly design

Ideas for a kid-friendly design. From top, clockwise: Saddle Brook in Oak Trail, Modern Dimensions 4 x 12 wave in Arctic White, ONE Quartz Surfaces™ in Spanish Moss polished, Keystones 2 x 2 in Navy Speckle.

A playroom doesn’t have to be an actual room. Think creatively and a whole bunch of solutions will present themselves. For instance, what about using the breakfast nook for a play space instead of for breakfast—especially if you have a dining room and seating at the kitchen island that can stand in for in-kitchen eating.
Window seats, unused corners, under the stairs, in the attic—these are all potential playrooms. Think like your kids who can make anywhere into a play space.

The open format design has many bonuses, but enclosing a playroom isn’t one of them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your family room to toy creep.
Simply turn one corner of the room into a toy corner. Define the area by throwing down some colorful carpet tiles that are easily cleaned or replaced. With the boundaries clearly defined, you can add a large cubby bookcase to hold toys, games, and books. Place a small table and bean bags or child-sized furniture to create a space that is clearly their own—not meant for the grownups.
You can still keep an eye on them while you go about your day but contain the inevitable mess with a corner playroom.


Ideas for a kid-friendly design

Ideas for kid-friendly design. From bottom left, counter-clockwise: Color Wave in Midnight Black, Kimona Silk in Panda Black, ONE Quartz Surfaces™ in Statuary, Retro Rounds in Daffodil Yellow.

Don’t overlook the kids’ bedrooms as a great play space. Turn a wall into a mini rock climbing wall. Hang some monkey bars from one end of the room to the other. Create a loft or secluded corner so they have a secret place to let their imaginations run wild. Chalkboard or magnetic paint on a wall or the back of a door turns any room into a center of creativity.
Fun on wheels lets you have the best of both worlds. Put a cabinet on wheels so it can be moved in and out of bedrooms or the family room. Fill it with toys and other favorites and let them go for it. The fun can be in any room of the house or out of sight when the kids have gone to bed and it’s grownup time.

Revamp a closet into a little hideaway. It’s a wonderland to a child but tucks away by simply closing the door. No matter how big or small the closet, a bit of lighting and some fun colors can transform it into a haven for the kids.

Worried about hard flooring in the playroom? Hard surfaces give you the benefit of easy cleanup–which will be really important. You can easily balance a hard surface with other softer surfaces for a comfortable and smart-looking design.
The design of a room can be an engaging feature that’s good for developing minds. Making everything soft textured is hardly interesting so hard surfaces make a good starting place for the playroom. Add plenty of rugs, pillows, and bean bags so the hard, smooth texture of the walls and floors is balanced in the space.